A newbie has a couple of questions about Weathermap 0.97c with Librenms


Hi guys,
Lately I’ve installed network weathermap as an addon into Librenms and it works just fine so far.
I’ve got some general questions about it, though:
I usually use the 0.97c editor.php to manage the nodes/links directly from librenms web interface. Is there any other way to edit the config file ? and where ?
The yellow bar at the bottom of the editor can open the config as a read-only page. Is this true ? or am I missing something ?

Where is the map’s data source in librenms ? Where do the target commands take out the data from in librenms ?

Thanks in advance !


Most simple is to edit the config file directly on the librenms server with vi.
If you followed the default installation instructions it should be under
/opt/librenms/html/plugins/Weathermap, config files are in the configs subdirectory.

Datasources are usually rrd files which are located unter /opt/librenms/rrd//datafile.rrd, or use the datapicker in the editor :slight_smile:

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Thanks RandGH… Since the terminal is the easiest way to edit the config, I’ll stick to it. I’m more comfortable with nano text editor, though.
All paths you mentioned are correct. Thanks again.

So, is the yellow bar at bottom of the gui editor useless ?


It probably has a function but I never use it.
Tried getting it to debug the code sometimes (by changing debug to true) but no success, so I stick to the cli which is more accurate then the editor (for debugging) on advanced topics.

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