Aggregate multiple link's TARGETs to node

Hi there,

Context is: I’ve got a core node with multiple links connected to it, and in top of that I want to put a node to show total BW in / Out.

Question is: is there any special token I could use to get the TARGETs?

I know I could do it manually but to give you an idea how the links look like, this is my config:

TARGET {node:linkend:loc}/{node:linkstart:name}.com-if_{node:linkend:name}-up-d.rrd:42:- {node:linkend:loc}/{node:linkstart:name}.com-if_{node:linkend:name}-down-d.rrd:-:42

I guess at the end, the map has already processed all links, so it may not be neccesary to process the TARGETs again.

So what I would like to achieve is:

NODE totals
	LABEL Total {node:this:bandwidth_in:%k} In {node:this:bandwidth_out:%k} Out
	TARGET ??????????

Something like {link:linkname:bw_in} {link:linkname:bw_out}?

Any idea?

I’m not near an installation to test it, but, yes, you should be able to do:

NODE totals
    LABEL Total {link:biglink:bandwidth_in:%k} In {link:biglink:bandwidth_out:%k} Out

i.e. you can refer to the other link by name.

Uhmm I’ve mis lead you.

I know I can refer to the links by name but how can I stack them into 1 single node?

I’ve got 1 core node and, let’s say, 20 other nodes, all of them connected to the core node.

What I want to do is to add node named total to show the total of all those links.

NODE totals
    LABEL Total {link:biglink:bandwidth_in:%k} In {link:biglink:bandwidth_out:%k} Out

This is ok but how does it look like with 20?

The other option I’m thinking of is to create an aggregate graph for all these links but I don’t like it much

An aggregate graph wouldn’t help weathermap either - there’s no “total” rrd file created, it just makes a really huge rrdtool graph command.

At one point, I was going to extend the data written to the ‘.results.txt’ file so that it included totals, averages, min/max etc. It wouldn’t be too hard to add, and also have available in variables like {map:stats_total_in}. The original plan was that you could also tag a node or link, and get totals for each tag (like ‘all internet ports’ or ‘all server disks’) also.

But there’s nothing to do that at the moment, back to your question. I will add it as a feature request for 1.1.0 though, because I think it’s pretty simple to to do.

Good, thanks then!

Happy to test =D