Aggregate Statistics (and item tags)

From discussion with @jpobeda:

  1. Add new map variables to store the total, minimum, maximum and average of ‘in’ and ‘out’ data for all links, all nodes and all items (node or link).

  2. Add a new TAGS keyword to allow you to define groups that nodes or links belong to. By using tags, and allowing multiples, they can overlap, so a node can be a ‘router’ and a ‘customer-router’ and a ‘managed-device’, for example.

  3. Also calculate the same statistics for the items matching those tags.

  4. Also write this data to the existing HASH.results.txt file, so that the wmdata: plugin can access it from another map for summary maps.

This would allow you to do things like “show the state of the most-full disk on this map” or “the total of the links marked as internet uplinks”.


  • Resulting variables would be something like {map:stats_allnodes_max_in} or {map:stats_uplinks_max_both}. Need to find a nice format. There’s only one ‘level’ in map variables, so the name would be fairly long.
  • I guess it should do the same for percentage values too, since that’s what you usually care about on network links
  • You wouldn’t be able to use a scale to colour the node that uses this text - it’s not a TARGET. It has to be calculated after all other data is collected too, so it can’t really be a TARGET either.
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