Can't get data to show up on links


I’m having issues sending data from my rrd files being pulled in using LibreNMS although running weathermap.php with the debug flags shows the following

I can see the color of the link change so i know the values are changing it’s just showing a label of 0.0% between both my nodes

DEBUG: [DrawMap@WeatherMap.class.php:3178] Bandwidth for label is 6.914

Here’s my config thats been sanitized


SCALE apc 0 2 192 192 192
SCALE apc 3 4 255 255 255
SCALE apc 5 6 120 0 255
SCALE apc 7 8 0 192 255
SCALE apc 9 10 240 240 0
SCALE apc 11 12 255 0 0


NODE node1
LABEL myobject
USESCALE apc absolute
POSITION 365 200

NODE masterfeed
LABEL feed
USESCALE apc absolute
POSITION 400 380

LINK node1-masterfeed
LABEL {link:this:bandwidth_out%d}
USESCALE apc absolute
TARGET gauge:/var/rrdlocation/apcdevice/sensor.rrd:sensor:sensor


LABEL isn’t a valid command for a link. You should be getting an error to say that.

Also the string you have there after the label isn’t correct. If LABEL was a valid command, it’d be {link:this:bandwidth_out:%d} (note the third colon)

The command you really want is INBWFORMAT

Or, (probably better for this), use OUTBWFORMAT and LINKSTYLE oneway to get a single arrow pointing from node1 to masterfeed.

You can also use BWLABELPOS to adjust the position of the label to look right (it’ll probably sit at 25% along the link, even in oneway mode).


Thank you that worked!

One more question, is there a way to add each link value and get an aggregate number displayed on a node?


You can add a TARGET to the node, with all the same targets again, separated by spaces. Weathermap will add them all up.


NODE xcvxcv
       POSITION 100 100
       LABEL {node:this:bandwidth_in}
       TARGET target1 target2 target3

would show the total incoming bandwidth in that node, whereever it is placed.