Editor Data Source Picker (Cacti)

When I use the editor and try to select a DS from Cacti, it gives me a list of DS’s but I can’t select any of them. I can to the drop down for the host and select one, and it does not filter anything, and if I find what I am looking for in the long list I can’t select it.

Also when I try to input a rrd file manually it tells me it does not exist in the log file. I tried just by it self and with the path /rra/file.rrd Do I need to put the whole path (ex. /var/www/html/cacti/rra/) or is there a path variable that I am missing?

Thanks for any help.

Second part first: /rra/file.rrd is a whole (absolute) path. If you want to use a relative path, leave the / off the front. The path needs to be relative to the weathermap directory though, so it would start ../../rra (unless you are using a package-based install that moves things around, like debian/ubuntu)

For the first part - if you are using the github version (I think you are - you should mention the version), then you need to read the Readme.md, and follow the short instructions to get some third-party javascript libraries installed.

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Yes GitHub version 0.98… sorry for not mentioning that… Ubuntu 16.04 is the OS, PHP 7 and Cacti 1.1.5
I can’t believe I missed the dang readme.md file. That fixed the DS picker. I am still getting errors with the rrd files but I will research them errors later and figure it out. Thanks for the help!