Editor not display node


Hello! Sorry for my bad english.
I have a version 0.98 and a cacti version of 0.88h.
I have a problem. The weathermap editor does not display the node. At the same time, there are nodes on the map.
I can not edit a node in the editor. I see the node in the map configuration file.
It is map.


I use these nodes as port status images. Configuration:

NODE node05688
        INFOURL /cacti/graph.php?rra_id=all&local_graph_id=43
        OVERLIBGRAPH /cacti/graph_image.php?rra_id=0&graph_nolegend=true&graph_height=100&graph_width=300&local_graph_id=43
        ICON images/port_{node:this:inscaletag}.png
        TARGET cactihost:37
        USESCALE hostupdown
        POSITION 421 1220

SCALE hostupdown 0    0.5  192 192 192  down
SCALE hostupdown 0.5  1.5  255   0   0  down
SCALE hostupdown 1.5  2.5    0   0 255  recovering
SCALE hostupdown 2.5  3.5    0 255   0  up
SCALE hostupdown 4.5  5.5  128 128 128  unknown

As soon as I add a {node:this:inscaletag}, image in the editor is not visible.


The editor doesn’t fetch data from targets, so inscaletag will be empty.
images/port_{unknown}.png doesn’t exist.

(you should see errors in the httpd error log about this, too)


Yes, you are right. Thanks! I solved my problem.