How to set as TARGET network interfaces that contain colon


Some router and switch interfaces contain colon (:slight_smile: as part of the interface name. Historically, these have been T1 interfaces in a DS3 on Cisco routers. Now they are seen when doing 10G from a QSFP+ on Juniper or Cisco; probably when doing 25G and 50G from a QSFP28. How can they be set as a TARGET for links?

Here is an example that I have tried using double quotes(") to encase the interface, but it just displays as a black line.
TARGET SevOne:ftwo-ardc-lsr2:“xe-0/0/5:3”:“xe-0/0/5:3”:ifHCInOctets:ifHCOutOctets
Is there a way to change the TARGET delimiter to something other than the colon?


What datasource plugin are you using?? That’s not a valid target with any of the built-in ones…

The ‘delimiter’ is handled by individual datasource plugins though.