InfluxDB datasource

I just got my really basic InfluxDB data source working, I’d be interested in feedback if anyone else wants to give it a try. It’s somewhat painful to use, trying to fit the flexibility of the InfluxDB query language into the weathermap TARGET format was a challenge (and I’m still not happy with the way I did it, but it works).

I included a basic bristle map in the readme, I’m hoping to have a working network map later today or tomorrow. The config file (sanitized) that I used for that is in the examples directory.

I still need to come up with a way to get OVERLIBGRAPH to work. Anyone have ideas for that? Doing it with links to grafana graphs is somewhat painful and I’m not sure practical.

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Nice! I see what you mean about the target strings. I was thinking that there could be some sort of predefined macros to make it shorter, a bit like SQL Prepared Statements. Same for the host/auth details at the beginning, since they’re likely the same for each target.

I wanted to do something like that for SNMP, so that you could have predefined OIDs rather than great big strings of digits for every target.

Having the same issue as well while creating a graphite DS with tag support.

So maybe there should be some central feature to define these. Seems like at least two related issues:

  • being able to refer to a remote server with credentials by a short name (including either SNMP community, or API key or whatever)
  • being able to refer to a data source on that server with some parameters that are partly fixed and partly defined by the map config (e.g. interface number)