Intermittent issue: Poller shows no valid data


I have 4 active maps, total number of nodes is 879.
123Switches - 426 nodes - all except 8 are NINKs
cp-core - 373 nodes - all except 7 are NINKs
123interconnects - 19 nodes
iWan - 61 nodes

Strange error whereby I have no errors on maps until I added cp-core. All maps were showing clear, and all nodes in 123Switches.conf were displaying without error in the poller. When I add a the cp-core map, all maps show errors. If I remove cp-core again the other map’s errors clear.

I assume it is to do with load, so upped the poller threads per process from 1 to 3, but no effect.
Do I need to beef up the machine it runs on? It’s a VM with one vCPU and 2GB of RAM running RHEL5 and Cacti 0.8.8b with Weathermap 0.98
Is there a sensible number of nodes per map?

06/28/2017 09:21:40 AM - WEATHERMAP: Poller[0] WARNING: [Map 9] 123Switches.conf: ReadData: NODE lan_sw10-Fa47, target: /home/www/cacti/rra/58/2730.rrd on config line 3032 of /home/www/cacti/plugins/weathermap/configs/123Switches.conf had no valid data, according to WeatherMapDataSource_rrd
06/28/2017 09:26:47 AM - WEATHERMAP: Poller[0] WARNING: [Map 9] 123Switches.conf: ReadData: NODE lan_sw02-Fa02, target: /home/www/cacti/rra/30/960.rrd on config line 72 of /home/www/cacti/plugins/weathermap/configs/123Switches.conf had no valid data, according to WeatherMapDataSource_rrd


Might have solved it by increasing PHP memory limit. I’ll monitor and post later.


Upped the spec of machine to 2CPU and 4GB, Upped PHP memory to 256M (double), but same issue.


Solved by changing poller interval from 1 minute to 5 - map production took longer than 1 minute, hence the error.


When it’s finally done, the next release of weathermap has quite a lot of performance improvements (I got a 5x speed up on my sample set of maps). It’d be interesting to test with your 123Switches map - is it possible to get a copy (privately)?

Also in the new version, the time taken per map is logged, so you can see which map is slowing you down.

Finally, are you using the rrd_use_poller_output feature in Weathermap? It’d be interesting to know if that makes things better or worse for you. It should be faster on that many targets, as it avoids a lot of external processes and file reading - it uses database queries instead, which will typically be hitting memory caches.


Hi Howie, apologies for not responding. I’ve moved on from my previous company so no longer have access to your wonderful plugin. No requirement for Cacti/weathermap in the new place, it’s all cloudy :slight_smile: