Is there a way to use a weathermap release that has the same feature than 0.98 with Cacti 1.1?



We’ve been runing Weathermap for years in our 0.8.x Cacti Instance, this is such a nice software :slight_smile: . For many reason (Multi Poller, Boost & automate integration) we’re needed to upgrade to Cacti 1.1.x.

I’ve played a little with different weathermap releases (dev, 0.98) :

  • 1.0.0- Dev is great and work well, but for now the lack of overlib graph and link has too many impacts on our organization

  • I’ve had the feeling 6 months ago that it was possible to run a transformed release of 0.98 (which was called 1.0.0), but I don’t find anymore the code on github (i’ve tested all the branches)

So my question is :
Is there’s a way to get the same features (mainly overlib graphs and/or Links) with Cacti 1.1, even by mixing 0.98 (on it’s own) and 1.0.0dev (juste for editor). ?




Let me know if you find a way, because it’ll save me writing one :wink:


Well, forget it :-). It should have been a dream.



Hi howie,

I hope everything is OK with you, I read that you had plans to find some time this month to make WM working in CACTI 1.x.

Do you think that’s going to be for real ? or any other time this year?

Just asking because I would like to integrate your maps in a project where I have CACTI 1.x before I hand it over.

I still suggest some sort of crowfunding for your efforts if you will initiate it I am sure everyone would be in, I already contributed as I can but I think you deserve more from this hard job (and from github I see no people helping you…)