Issues with rrdcache

II tried to read the php code and solve this issue myself, but I can’t figure it out. I will try to be brief:

LibreNMS user - I recently switched from a rrdcached sock to a localhost. So, it actually gets run as thus:

php ./weathermap.php --config configs//CheyenneCircuits.conf --base-href /plugins/Weathermap/ --chdir /opt/librenms/rrd --daemon

You can see it is properly run as a daemon. Yet, still it complains that many rrd" had no valid data, according to WeatherMapDataSource_rrd" which they don’t, because my timeout is quite long - 1800 seconds. Now, if I restart rrdcached to flush everything to disk, it works fine for a minute.

Is not some manner of communication with rrdcached supposed to prevent this? I had no issues when I had a local file instead of My apologies, I’m not good at php.

Note: latest git version, rrdcached 1.6

Thank you for your time.

I’m also running into this issue. I’m seeing random data populated for link’s, when there’s no data the logs are showing “rrd had no valid data”.

Are you using rrdcached?

Yes, i’m using rrdcached


In general, for “rrd had no valid data”, turn on --debug and you’ll see a lot more information about what data is being returned from rrdtool.

However, I don’t know where weathermap.php with --daemon --chdir etc comes from, but it isn’t part of the weathermap distribution! :slight_smile: Also, there’s nothing in the regular distribution to talk to a remote rrdcache server.