Label color change depending on node UP/DOWN status

I don’t know if it’s relevant to post here since I use 0.97c with LibreNMS, but I have (what I believe is) a small feature request. (I haven’t seen any indications on this being a thing in 0.98 or 1.0.0, but I could just have missed it.)

It would be cool having the labels changing color depending on the node being up or down on in LibreNMS, similar to how it looks in Mikrotik The Dude.

I believe it is the LABELBGCOLOR option which needs to be intergrated with the LibreNMS macros.device_up/macros.device_down macros. It could also be an option to directly connect it to FPing, but since I’m not a programmer that’s just me brainstorming. Would this be possible to do, and have connected to a LibreNMS master build instance?

The weathermap side of things already has a way to change the colour of the label based on a number so the question then becomes - how do you get that number into weathermap?
So if you say 0 is down and 1 is up, you can use USESCALE and TARGET on a node to change its colour based on the value.

If you have a way to query the device state from LibreNMS, it’s probably fairly easy to write a new data source plugin for Weathermap to pull in that data. e.g. via a HTTP REST API, or reading a database table. I’ll try to get my LibreNMS installation going again, so I can maybe help more.

(you can also already use fping directly - there’s a weathermap datasource plugin for that already)