LibreNMS and Weathermap Display Issue


I have been using Weathermap for like 4 years on Cacti, 0.87 and 0.88 great job on it. I am trying to move over to LibreNMS since I heard you were compatible and I like it. I installed fine and have the plugin working but in Cacti the editor doesn’t show data I have to go to the tab and view the working map. Where on earth do I go to set my new weathermap for viewing in LibreNMS? I can only see it in the editor at the moment, followed guide that said set output files and such but no luck. Thanks.


Sorry, no clue. I’ve never used LibreNMS - the integration is done by them.


I got it to show up by just starting the cron jobs however most of the features like USESCALE and ICONSCALE are rendering on the editor however won’t translate to the shown map. Not sure what’s up.


Not sure what you mean by won’t translate, but I’d look for errors/warnings in the logs wherever they end up…