Looking for testers?


I recently started an new Cacti server running on Arch linux to eventually upgrade my older cacti running 0.8 something. My new archy server is running the latest cacti 1.1.5 and its far from ready because i am rebuilding a few templates and so on which also is convenient since weathermap 0.98a wont work atm with it. i am offering my help if ever you need testers for a future release that would work with cacti 1.x. Also grats on the new forum.


Actually… if you were to git clone -b database-refactor https://github.com/howardjones/network-weathermap.git /var/www/html/cacti/plugins/weathermap (or wherever your Cacti lives), it would be useful to get some feedback. There are still some rough edges, but I think it’s getting quite close now.

Edit: …And then follow the little bit of detail in README.md to get a working environment. This uses nodejs and bower, to grab third-party javascript libraries.


i loaded it. im gonna build a map from scratch and test it out a few days and get back to you if i get issues.

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found my first bug. wondered how and where you want this info?


If it’s a new one, and reliable to reproduce, in a github issue is best…

If it’s less well defined, let’s figure it out here.


Congrats on the new forum… Just letting you know I will be pulling this and testing it on my system as well. I will let you know what I find. I am running ubuntu 16.04 with cacti 1.1.5.

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