Hi there,

I’ve got cacti 1.1.12 running with nwm (database refactor branch) and there is something odd I’ve been noticing.

When I open a map for the first time, If I hover the mouse over the links, overlibgraph doesn’t display the graphs (even though you can see the URL at the bottom of the browser)… If I hit F5 it all works after that, not only for the map I opened but for all of them… Any ideas? Tested on FF and Chrome.


Does this add any value?

After I hit F5 it goes away.

I found this https://github.com/HubSpot/pace/issues/199

Doesn’t look to be related, does it?

I have no idea what pace.js does! :slight_smile: I guess it’s part of the new Cacti.

I’ve got a new plan for the Cacti plugin, which will hopefully sidestep a lot of hassle with the current one, and make it easier to support other monitor tools, also.

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So this isn’t happening to you on your tests?

Because it might be something on my browser settings but I can’t think on what it could be.

My current testing is higher-level (“does the right menu appear when you click in the management interface?”), rather than inside maps… in fact, in the current github version, actually viewing maps is completely missing.

Look at this GIF. You’ll see when my mouse goes away, I’m clicking F5 to refresh the page. Happens all the time.

Something tells me it could be a browser setting or something like that, otherwise more people should be complaining about this, even though is a dev version.