Poc/Wip Prometheus datasource for network-weathermap



I use network-weathermap for so long, but never got the chance to contribute.

Finally found ( I hope so ) a way to give the community back something :slight_smile: : a prometheus datasource for wmap.

It’s still a work in progress, but got the very basic feature to work with wmap.

A bit of context:
Not that long ago I wanted to replace the use of MRTG for network devices BW monitoring ( mainly vendor stuff like cisco/arista/etc ) to something more flexible.
Choice was to use prometheus ( + snmp_exporter ) and Grafana, and it’s doing a fairly good job at it.

MRTG on top of graphing BW, was also providing the RRD for wmap.
No way I could remove wmap as it’s really useful tool to show very quickly how the network is going.

So I decided to work at adding a datasource

Code is avail here ( any review/advice welcome )

It’s already graphing my home network wmap, and I hope to use it at $job after some refactor/rework.

Thanks for all the effort put in wmap !

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