Random Output file genrated


Hi, I wrote this in my conf file :

HTMLOUTPUTFILE output/hno.html
IMAGEOUTPUTFILE output/hno.png

and it generates my file but with random names :

/usr/share/cacti/site/plugins/weathermap/output# ls
bb3d50dd0b96d46a7fc2.html         bb3d50dd0b96d46a7fc2.thumb.png    index.php

I did not find anything in the logs.


I think, I misunderstood some points. the file in html and png with chosen names are generated only once ? they’ aren’t updated ?
I’m asking because I take the png file to display it into Grafana. I use this with LibreNMS and the plugins Weathermap and the png file is updated.

Do I have to take the file with the random name to display it on grafana ? Do the name will change ?


No, the names are generated once - that is, they don’t change. It’s just to stop your customers guessing the filenames for your other customer’s maps, if you don’t have proper access control in your webserver. It is safe to use those filenames in Grafana or some other portal.