Sometimes random link's bandwidths suddenly fall into zero. After awhile they show data again


Hi guys,
I’m having kinda weird issue.
At link properties in data source I’ve referred to the right port rrd’s. All links show the bw properly.
But sometimes, the bw of non-particular links, suddenly fall into zero. Even if I refresh the map.
After a while everything is fine again.

Any idea whats the cause of this issue ?


When you say “Refresh the map” do you mean pressing refresh in the browser? Because that doesn’t do anything for the map - it just loads the same image again.

Check the logs (cacti.log) when this happens - see if you are getting warnings from WEATHERMAP ReadData in there.


I just noticed that the map refreshes itself periodically.
When I do nothing but watch the map refreshing, I see links showing 0 mb suddenly, while the link is technically up and running, and even the graph shows the proper data traffic.

Checking the log sounds a good idea.
Where is the log file located in librenms ?


No clue where the log is for librenms, sorry! Once you find it, if it offers no clues, maybe try enabling debug logging for weathermap. I think you will be running from a cron job, so you’d add --debug to the weathermap command line to get a LOT more information.