Weathermap 1.1 for Cacti 1.2.24

I have downloaded Weathermap and Cacti off GitHub. The hover-over image is the correct one, but the surrounding box is twice as wide as it should be?
Screenshot 2023-08-31 121412

What else is needed from me?

OS: ubuntu 22.04
file name:weathermap.js
file location:/cacti/plugins/weathermap/js/
to fix your problem, you can do this:

  1. open weathermap.js with text editor
  2. find “ui.tooltip.css(‘min-width’, ‘60px’);” , probably at line 16.
    and the original data should be “ui.tooltip.css(‘min-width’, ‘600px’);” (maybe it’s not 600, I forgot)
  3. change 600 to any number you need.
  4. change the weathermap setting on cacti (Hover Graph Default Width:), set to what you need, (400 is a suitable value)
  5. be sure that the value of min-width in weathermap.js is less than the value of “Hover Graph Default Width” in cacti.
  6. after above things done, check your hover graph, if nothing changed, waiting some time or clearing your cache and then reload the page.
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That worked, changed the 600 to 200 in the .js.
Screenshot 2023-09-12 131348
Thank you!