WeatherMap + Archive / Historical Links

Hey now, here’s an old link (here @ A very basic Weathermap history) which references “SuperLinks” (???) to modify a Cacti install to get Archive / Historical maps - this was for PHP Weathermaps circa 2010

So, like 10 years later, what’s the best way to do this? Grateful for links, the RIGHT keywords I should search on, etc…


“Superlinks” is a plugin I wrote that was adopted by the Cacti group - it’s now called External Links, and is a built-in feature in 1.x+ versions.

I started on adding the option to keep older maps as a normal per-map configuration item. I don’t recall how much of it is done. e.g. there’s a field in weathermap_maps named archiving for this. I’ll check out what reads it, if anything. (haha, apparently what I said 10 years ago too! :rofl:)

The basic method in the article will still work. You just have to find the right hashed filename for the map (they don’t change).

Morning, thanks Howie for following up, what I did to get my install working (re, Weathermap plugin 0.98a with Cacti 1.2.8 in Classical Mode from CentOS “yum” packages)?

WARNING: Watch for file permissions and selinux


[root@vmcacti01 ~]# hostnamectl
Static hostname: vmcacti01.localhost
Pretty hostname: VMCACTI01.localhost
Icon name: computer-vm
Chassis: vm
Machine ID:
Boot ID:
Virtualization: vmware
Operating System: CentOS Linux 7 (Core)
CPE OS Name: cpe:/o:centos:centos:7
Kernel: Linux 3.10.0-1062.9.1.el7.x86_64
Architecture: x86-64

… and …

Date Thu, 23 Jan 2020 06:17:52 +1100
Cacti Version 1.2.8
Cacti OS unix
RSA Fingerprint
NET-SNMP Version NET-SNMP version: 5.7.2
RRDtool Version Configured 1.4.0+
RRDtool Version Found 1.4.8
Devices 3
Graphs 19
Data Sources Script/Command: 5
SNMP Query: 12
Script Query: 3
Total: 20


… then, attaching a screenshot of how I configured an “External Links” to reference local PHP file

… then, placed the following text inside “” stored in “/var/lib/cacti/scripts”

… then, updated system crontab in “/etc/cron.d/cacti” to run at /1 minute intervals

*/1 * * * * apache /var/lib/cacti/scripts/ > /dev/null 2>&1

… then, bound an updated copy of “history.php” into “/usr/share/cacti/include/content” - this was the most “fun” as (for whatever reason) had gobs of formatting dramas. In the end, for my purpose, just have it generating a 60 item row per hour table as a long line.

I would suspect if time was better spent, there would be a more elegant way of getting some sort of history pivot (for multiple weathermaps) and maybe some search capability via GUI - but for now, it’s fine for me: text search on a browser draw.

Good luck and all -


… oh! Updated “history.php” … graphically :wink:

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