Weathermap buttons not working



I have just installed weathermap on my Cacti server.
It is the Dev version of Weathermap and the Cacti server is version 1.1.24.

I’m going into the Weathermap to create my own map, but when I click the buttons like “Add Node”, “Add Link” and so on.
Nothing happends.

Any idea why?


Sounds like maybe you don’t have javascript enabled, or possibly jQuery isn’t installed. Did you follow the steps in the to install and run bower?


I have tried with both Chrome and IE, but nothing different.
Javescript is enabled on both on them and I also ran bower to install jQuery again and no errors…


OK, that’s the fun of the development version! I’ll take a look once I’m finished with the current batch of work.


Hehe, of course :slight_smile:
No haste Howie! Just chill and take your time :stuck_out_tongue:
Not a big problem for me, can wait until a “stable” version is out.


Do you get an error in the javascript console? (e.g. F12 on chrome?)


Hehe, when I check in the console it says this… I guess I have to do some Google searching to find out the problem :stuck_out_tongue:


No, that one’s on me. I’ll take a look tonight. It’s likely to be a very simple change to fix it (like switching some quotes around)


I just tested, and it’s working fine for me :confused:

when did you grab you copy from github? and which branch?

(“working fine” = the editor is responding to clicks. There’s plenty of other things that don’t work! :slight_smile: )

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I downloaded it from Github last week :open_mouth:
The development version (master branch)
That’s weird tho. The client is a Windows 10 machine with the newest updates…


Aha, the current development version is in the database-refactor branch. The master branch hasn’t been touched in many months.

Once 1.0 is ready, I’ll re-organise to something more normal, so master is the functional version and other branches are used for dev, but it will be a mess until then!


Roger that Howie!
I’ll wait until then :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


No, I meant: you need to check out database-refactor instead if you want to test. If you are just trying to get something that works, then you are probably going to be happier waiting.

So your two options are:

git checkout database-refactor
sleep 2592000



Ah, haha :rofl:
Will do sir!

But it is tempting to sleep for 30 days tho :wink: