What "TARGET" should be used for coloring nodes in LibreNMS


Don’t know if anyone got this working but I’m trying to color a node in Libre Weathermap and I just can’t find where I’m supposed to pull the data from. I’ve tried the html link to the graph and also the rrd file but it never populates, my formatting seems ok as the node has turned grey to accept a color scale.


There’s nothing special between nodes and links. Data is collected the same way. The data you collect might be different though.

The answer is almost certainly the rrd file (weathermap can only read the data out of HTML files for MRTG, and none of the standard data sources takes a URL). You probably have the wrong rrdtool DS names. Check the logs (always step 1) and you should see a warning for ‘no valid data’ and a list of acceptable DS names. These go on the end of the target line:

TARGET myrrdfile.rrd:ds0:ds1

(that’s ds0 for inbound traffic and ‘ds1’ for outbound - if you only want to collect one, use a ‘-’ for the other one)

TARGET myrrdfile.rrd:ds0:-

Thanks I’ll get in the logs and check it out, my only other question would be the pathing, in cacti it just went to the install folder like “/var/www/cacti/rra/rrdfile” I’m trying to do the same here, Libre only has rrd files under “/opt/librenms/rrd/site/rrdfile” that seem like I’m pathing right at least? I don’t think this is where the data is stored post scan like in the cacti installation.


ls will tell you in seconds… Weathermap will complain in the logs if it can’t see the file. The logs are your friend.


I guess I’m gonna throw in the towel on the Librenms version because I don’t see which logs we are talking, I see it all over in my cacti installations primary log but in Libre I just can’t find it. All the logs located under opt/librenms/logs don’t really show any output regarding weathermap so I’m pretty lost at this point. I tested what configurations I was wanting to do in Libre in my cacti maps and it worked fine. I just have zero idea where this programs stores the data for the last 5 minutes for a traffic port. Thanks for your help any ways and once again love the product.


If weathermap is running from cron, the output might just be going to the cron stdout capturing, which means it would end up in the mails sent to root, or whichever user is running that cron job. If the cron job is literally a php ./weathermap --config...... type of thing, then just add >> /var/log/weathermap.log or something similar to the end.